42 Accelerate Demo Day

42 Accelerate Demo Day

42 Accelerate is an incubator at 42 Silicon Valley. Students focus on building startups and “Save the World” projects. 42 provides teams that successfully get into 42 Accelerate with a workspace as they build their product and gain users. Students are able to do this without 42 taking any equity.

Last Thursday, July 18th, we hosted our Second Annual Demo Day. Five startups that emerged from 42 Silicon Valley presented their projects. It was an open event and between 40-50 attended to learn more about the creative ideas emerging from students working in our incubator.  


42 students Allen Temunovic and Pedro Nunez presented AVIA, a platform that connects users with home chefs in the local community. AVIA was founded on the simple idea of fostering the rebirth of home-cooked meals that remind you of grandma’s cooking.  The team is passionate about building healthier, resilient communities. Their platform also has the potential to help support individuals and families by legally and safely sharing their cooking talents with their neighbors.


The first all-women team in 42’s Accelerate, Kristine Sonu and Mi Hwangbo, presented their AR Mobile Game App called Cupet. Cupet was created with the intention of increasing the number of pet adoptions in pet shelters. Kristine and Mi are hoping that potential pet adopters will be able to get a better idea of the roles and responsibilities of owning a pet before they bring them home.  The platform is designed to reduce the number of pets that are brought back to shelters.


Mason Young, Wyatt Lutt, and Curt Krommenhoek are all long-standing students at 42 who pitched their game studio MetaHobby. MetaHobby expands on their convenient hobbies of programming, game design and pixel art. In their first game Hexcross, which is out now, players take turns creating lines to try to avoid certain demise. They are currently at work making “Pixel Smithy” a crafting clicker game, and “Color War Chrono” a multi-player party game.


Dmitry Kotov and Shinya Yamada presented their own project management software called Wurk. Based on their own experiences with project management software, they intend to improve the user experience and fix developer-adoption issues. They paused the project after building a solid back-end foundation to interview prospect customers and make sure they deliver the best front-end experience based on the feedback they collect in the upcoming 3 months.

Max Moros and Taylor Yang presenting Spottech


Taylor Yang and Max Moros presented Spottech, which placed second at the satellite Call for Code hackathon held at 42 Silicon Valley. The team is currently working towards the Call for Code contest. Designed with firefighters in mind, they presented their lightweight wearable device that collects several sensor readings and informs the wearer if they are reaching dangerous Carbon Monoxide exposure. Other useful data that Spottech collects includes GPS, humidity, temperature, and video recording that can be stored for analysis by the commander in the field.

Creativity + Tech = Changing the World

We want to thank all of the teams that showed us how combining creativity with tech equals to some really unique solutions that may someday change the world. Jin Zheng, Program Manager of 42 Accelerate, noted, “It is amazing how most of the students came in with no programming background and how creative they were in coming up with technological solutions to solve problems that they care about.”

Applications for the next batch of 42 Accelerate come out this week. To learn more about some of these startups, please visit our Student Projects page. 


published by admin – July 23, 2019