42 Admissions Requirements

Aged 18+

Anyone 18 years old and older can apply for the Piscine. We advise all candidates who recently turned 18, who are either in their junior or senior year of high school, to continue pursuing their high school diploma rather than leaving high school to come to 42. Although 42 does accept some students without their high school diploma, it is neither our intention nor our mission to encourage young students to drop out of school.

Atypical Admissions

Being an entirely new educational model, our admissions process is also different from traditional higher educational institutions.

No Grades

We do NOT require any transcripts, grades, GPAs, ACT/SAT scores, high school diploma, college or university degree. Nothing.

No Background Info

We don’t ask about your background, your ethnicity, your work experience, or your extracurricular activities during admissions.


Our system is merit-based: if you can succeed at the quick online logic tests and survive the piscine, you’re considered for admission.

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