42 does not offer any scholarships because we do not charge tuition. There are no student fees, support services fees, or any other fees. Literally, your education at 42 is free.

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Many students ask about financial aid for living costs. We are not an accredited institution so students are not eligible for financial aid. However, students have to complete internships (which can be, and often are, paid) and most have part-time jobs. Since there are no classes or courses and students manage their time and projects, students have flexibility that makes part-time work possible. Hundreds of students succeed at this every year, so pull up your bootstraps and dig in! Folks drive for Uber or Lyft or both, work part-time in jobs related to coding, pick up one-off jobs, or you could even do Amazon Mechanical Turk! Surviving is by no means impossible!

Student Stipends

42 has teamed up with FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, to provide an opportunity for students to receive small stipends during their time of study as long as they commit to an internship with the FileMaker community. For more information, visit our FileMaker page.