42 Silicon Valley Hosts 2019 AngelHack Hackathon

42 Silicon Valley Hosts Second Annual AngelHack Global Hackathon

AngelHack CEO, Sabeen Ali, speaking to Hackathon participants

On Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th we hosted our Second Annual AngelHack Hackathon at 42 Silicon Valley. There was dancing, there was music, there were prizes and lots of laughter and fun! Around 250 people participated and sponsors included Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM’s Call for Code, Agora.io and Waves Platform.

The sponsors offered different challenges and prizes for those who participated in the event. For example, AWS was looking for the best use of their AWS AI / Machine Learning services in projects. And IBM’s challenge was to build a cloud, data, analytics, AI, IoT, or blockchain solution to improve natural disaster preparedness, response, or recovery.

The AngelHack Global Hackathon Series was started six years ago with the idea of bringing together creators. With a diverse community of 160,000+ startups, developers, and entrepreneurs AngelHack has introduced hackathons, virtual competitions, accelerators, incubators, and internal innovation program in over 100 cities around the world.

According to AngelHack CEO, Sabeen Ali, the theme of the hackathon this year is Innovators Rising. She shared during the event, “It is about being the best version of yourself. We are really pushing our community of developers to think beyond yourselves and rise up.”

After 24 hours of brainstorming and development, participants presented their projects to the judges.

Actorvisor: Using AWS Visual Recognition Technology to Compare Acting Skills

42 students Junho Lee and Tomas Diaz are the brains behind a project they call Actorvisor. Actorvisor won Amazon’s first prize using AWS machine learning services. The team was also awarded Amazon’s DeepLens.

Junho explained the project further, “When someone tries to mimic someone in a video, they don’t know how good they are. Actorvisor makes it possible to compare video clips with someone acting. We are trying to make a scoring system based on the AWS visual recognition technology. People will be able to compare the videos and learn more about how good or bad their acting skills are. Actually, we wanted to implement the social acting game, but we never developed a mobile app. We just presented the idea and we are now working on it.”

Tomas added, “It was interesting because we had no prior experience working with AWS. I spoke to the mentors prior to the start of the hackathon and asked if they thought it was possible to pick it up in a day. They said yes, and surprisingly we were able to do well. We are now investigating different tools to further implement our idea.”

When it came to their overall experience at AngelHack, Junho shared, “Angelhack was really great, I really enjoyed it. I like how there were a lot of people to exchange your ideas with and improve your skills. I think we learned a lot.”

Another Great AngelHack at 42 SV

Hackathons are a great way to share ideas, learn new skills, and network with other developers. AngelHack gives developers a chance to give back by inspiring them to think beyond the norm. 42 Silicon Valley’s Chief Academic Officer, Gaetan Juvin, served as a judge at the hackathon. He shared, “AngelHack coming to 42 Silicon Valley is one of my favorite moments of the year. There is a lot of coding going on and an exchange of ideas leads to people making new connections. We appreciate the support from the companies that sponsor AngelHack and we can’t wait to host another event like this one.” Diana Vodden, Global Series Manager at AngelHack, summed up the event:

“AngelHack Silicon Valley by all accounts was a great success. We were hosted by 42 Silicon Valley, an awesomely spacious, tech-friendly space. Sponsors from IBM, AWS, Agora, and Waves set up shop for the long weekend, providing mentorship for their challenges throughout the event. The energy was palpable and there were a few unexpected elements like a dance-off and impromptu talent show. Demos did not disappoint (one featuring a flamethrower) I cannot make this stuff up! We had 41 projects presented. Winners were crowned, prize checks awarded. We saw lots of smiles and like with so many AngelHack hackathons before this one we were reminded of the importance of teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and Red Bull.”

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published by admin – July 10, 2019