42 Silicon Valley Hosts 2019 Google Hash Code Hub for Online Qualification Round

2019 Hash Code Hub @ 42 Silicon Valley

42 Silicon Valley hosted a hub today for the Online Qualification Round of Hash Code 2019! Hash Code is a team programming competition, organized by Google, for students and professionals around the world. Anyone with a registered team from the U.S. was invited to participate at our hub. 42 Silicon Valley was only one of two hubs that were hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area. 42 Silicon Valley’s Chief Academic Officer, Gaetan Juvin, shared, “It was an honor for 42 to be a hub as part of this global challenge. The fact that we were given a realistic problem, and that this was a friendly competition, gives our community more motivation.” 

42 Student Shares Hash Code Experience

Jem Cope was on a team with fellow 42 students Jamie Dawson and Dylan Sotomayor. Jem told us more about her experience at Hash Code, “This was my first time doing a coding competition and it was a lot of fun! I worked with Python for the first time and we got pretty far. I like how straightforward Python is and it was a good challenge to have to figure out how to work with it so quickly. We were able to come up with the algorithm on paper and we came very close to having a working output file though we could have probably further optimized the algorithm for finding the highest interest factor. I learned a lot and hope to program in Python more in the future.”

More About Hash Code

Hash Code started in 2014 with just 200 participants and in just three years that number grew to more than 26,000 developers. So how does this challenge work? You pick your team and programming language and Google picks an engineering problem for you to solve. This year’s contest kicked off with an Online Qualification Round. According to Hash Code, 2019’s teams competed at 734 hubs in 97 countries across the globe. The hub was designed so teams could compete against each other and meet other developers

Final Round of Hash Code

Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will be invited to compete in the Final Round of the competition. The Final Round will take place in April at Google’s offices in Dublin, Ireland. We want to thank everyone who joined us today at 42 Silicon Valley’s hub. We hope everyone who participated in the Online Qualification Round for Hash Code had as much fun as we did! Congratulations to the teams that made it to the Final Round, we can’t wait to see what happens in April.


published by admin – February 28, 2019