42 Silicon Valley Hosts Samsung Bixby Hackathon

Samsung Bixby Hackathon @ 42

42 Silicon Valley hosted a week-long hackathon with Samsung Bixby. Designed by Samsung Electronics, Bixby is a virtual assistant. The broad goal for the hackathon was for students to develop Bixby Capsules for the Bixby platforms. Yesterday, we held the closing ceremony for the Samsung Bixby hackathon. Participants of the hackathon got a chance to show off the amazing projects they completed.

More about Samsung Bixby

According to Samsung, they announced this past November that they were opening Bixby Developer Studio. Bixby Developer Studio is an “Integrated Development Environment (IDE).” Bixby Developers Studio offers access to the same development tools Samsung’s internal developers use to create Bixby Capsules. Capsules are what developers build to add features to Bixby.

Samsung Bixby Hackathon Project Winners

A total of eight teams presented their Bixby Projects. The top three winning teams were invited to interview for internships at Samsung. Below is an overview of the winning teams and their projects:

First Place: Bixby & Dragons

42 student Justin Crisp’s winning project is a Bixby Dungeons and Dragons game. His goal was to create something that has growth potential, so he developed 3 tools in 1. There is a tool for people playing the tabletop version of Dungeons and Dragons, with a feature where you can roll dice. Another tool involves a dictionary for the entire Dungeons and Dragons universe. And the third tool is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure game inspired by the idea of social games like Netflix’s Bandersnatch that allows you to choose your own adventure.

Second Place: LangLearn

Vitalii Lazuka, Denys Gonor, and Yuliia Deineha are part of team MANGO. They presented their project LangLearn, which is a Bixby Capsule that helps users learn English in everyday life situations. The project’s first main feature include looking up an unknown word in the dictionary, because visual information increases comprehension. The second feature is helping users study the words they searched for, which uses the search history in order to incorporate gamification. The third feature is helping the user study common words from various topics, such as learning words through quizzes.

Third Place: PokéBix

Team members Scott Snelgrove, Collin Brill and Ariella Grodzinsky created PokéBix, a voice activated Pokédex. PokéBix allows user to easily find detailed information about their favorite Pokémon. The team put on a fun presentation where they asked the PokéBix questions. The audience, full of Pokémon fans, became visibly animated over this feature. They also demonstrated how their project can query multiple endpoints of an API to build models. The team explained how PokéBix uses design views based off of custom layouts in order to simulate a real Pokédex.

Creating Opportunities for Hands-On Experience

42 Silicon Valley had a great time hosting the Samsung Bixby Hackathon at our campus. We are grateful to Samsung Bixy for creating an amazing opportunity for our students to get more hands-on experience. John Alioto, Chief Evangelist of Viv Labs/Samsung, spent time with our students during the hackathon. He shared, “First off, I am thrilled to be here. I love what you are doing with this school and I think it is amazing. I have had a blast working with the students, and have been impressed with their capsules.”


published by admin – April 18, 2019