Last week 42 hosted our first of many intern and career fair on campus. We’re delighted to say it was a great success!


The fair was well attended with representatives from local Berkeley-based startups to S&P 500 companies. The fair was a great opportunity for both employers and students to connect, get to know each other, and explore potential opportunities.

Internships are a requirement for the 42 program and are generally completed after students reach level 10. Students also accept part-time and full-time jobs.

Real-time Changes to Hiring Decisions

Multiple companies (sorry, can’t tell you who quite yet!) came with the intention of hiring one employee or intern, and left with 2, 3, or 4. Yes, that’s right – they were so impressed with our students, they changed their hiring decisions to increase the value of their companies!


What’s significant about this is that companies are finding more efficient and effective ways of recruiting software engineers: by coming to 42. Given the cost of advertising, interviewing, recruiting, and vetting quality engineers and interns, companies found that 42 provided an effective means of hiring quality engineers and that the 42 career fair was a great way to see a lot of candidates in a short space of time.

Filming with AMD

We were delighted to welcome AMD to 42 Silicon Valley. They hosted a special presentation and spent some time filming our students, staff, and campus.

Along with AMD, we also welcomed folks from XBrain, Scality, Facebook, Sigma, and more.

Ongoing Recruitment

42 is a great place for ongoing recruitment because we don’t revolve around an academic calendar year. Our students are ready for internships throughout the year, meaning companies can recruit when they have needs rather than only in March to May.

Start Recruiting!

Interested in recruiting from 42? Great! We’re confident it’ll be well worth your time. Contact our Director of Corporate Relations Jamie Parenteau to schedule a visit or find out more about how to recruit from 42 Silicon Valley.

published by Kim Alvarez – June 21, 2017