Alumni Dev Panel: “I’m Here because of 42”

2nd Annual 42 Alumni Dev Panel

Over a hundred 42 students attended the 2nd annual Alumni Dev Panel that we hosted on Friday, March 22nd. Cadets had the opportunity to meet up with 42 alumni to catch up and learn more about their work experiences. There were 8 alumni from companies such as Facebook, Starcity, Twilio, Sigma, Lookout, Ujama, Inc., GAP and Paladin Cyber. Oliver Belanger is now serving as Chief of Staff at Sigma. The other alumni on the panel work as software developers or engineers. There was a reception afterward so students could informally connect with alumni.

Some Words of Wisdom from 42 Alumni

The transition from school to your first coding job can be exhilarating but intimidating at the same time. So it is always nice to hear some words of wisdom from people who went down a similar path. When asked what is the difference between coding a 42 project vs working on a company product, Robert Passafaro noted that it, “affects a lot more people now.” Sean Smith and Lijun Wang shared there is a responsibility to write code that matters to others and that in a job there is always a series of small but important issues. When asked about inevitable mistakes at work, Inessa Prokofyeva noted that “If you are not breaking anything, maybe you are not doing anything important.”  Lijun agrees that “mistakes are an important milestone.” Learning to deal with failure is an essential part of the learning process at 42, and we are happy to see how our alumni are able to adapt, problem-solve and communicate their way through any issues they may encounter on the job.

Why We Came Back to 42

Once you are part of the 42 community, you part of the 42 family for life. We are so proud to see what our alumni have accomplished so far, and we asked them why they came back to the do the Alumni Dev Panel. Oliver Belanger shared, “42 is really interesting – a lot of us built this place physically. We put a lot of sweat and tears and effort, a lot of personal investment and it worked. 42 gives a lot of opportunities to people, and it is great to see a lot of the people I worked with succeed.” Justin Evans added, “I’m not sitting here because of learning on my own, I’m here because of 42 and I grinded and worked my way up. I came here with nothing and 42 gave me a chance.” Thanks to all of the alumni who participated in this event and shared their perspectives with the rest of the 42 community. You are welcome back anytime!

Alumni who served on the panel:

Graphic by Kim Alvarez, 42’s Social Media Marketing Coordinator

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published by admin – March 29, 2019