Axosoft Gives 42 Silicon Valley Students Free Access to the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards

April 30, 2019

Axosoft Gives 42 Silicon Valley Students Free Access

to the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards

FREMONT, California – GitKraken by Axosoft and 42 Silicon Valley are announcing a new partnership between the software company and programming school. 42 Silicon Valley students now have access to two legendary GitKraken tools for free: the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards for task tracking.

As part of one of GitKraken’s educational initiatives, GitKraken Stand-Alone has been installed for free (normally $99/ user/year) on hundreds of computers at 42 Silicon Valley, and is ready for all of our students to use. GitKraken makes Git operations not only efficient but also more engaging. These legendary dev tools will be a great asset to the 42 community. We are eager to see how the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards will take our students to the next level.

42 student Michael Lu has used the GitKraken Git Client. He shared, “What makes GitKraken so nice is that you can see everything. This includes the commits, the staging, all of the pushes, all of the requests. It is basically like a hub that organizes all of that information for you. It even automates some of the pushing work for you, which is convenient.”

42 Silicon Valley’s Chief Academic Officer, Gaetan Juvin, commented, “GitKraken is a solution that provides something that is very useful for our students. The GitKraken Git Client provides a user interface for Git that helps give a better understanding about how Git is working. It will help students move to a more advanced stage of Git, and it will help them in their learning process.”

About Gitkraken by Axosoft

Founded in 2002, Axosoft is an Arizona-based software company. Noticing the lack of quality Git GUIs across all major operating systems, they developed GitKraken in 2014. GitKraken has been growing at a rapid pace ever since. Over 1 million developers are now using the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards to build epic software. GitKraken offers new and seasoned Git users an intuitive experience across Mac, Windows, and Linux. Learn more about GitKraken by Axosoft at

About 42 Silicon Valley

42 Silicon Valley is an innovative coding school producing the next generation of software engineers and programmers. With no teachers, courses, professors, lectures, or classes, 42 is changing the higher education model. We use project-based and peer-to-peer learning with gamification to develop students with real-world skills ready for the workplace. Funded by French billionaire Xavier Niel, 42 is committed to open opportunities for students, excellence in learning, innovation, and a strong student community. Learn more at

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