Eat, Sleep, Survive: Daily Life in the 42 Community

Think cafeteria food is crap? Ours isn’t. Think dorms cost money? Ours don’t. Think the Bay Area is expensive? Ah, well, yes it is, sorry. 42 has an awesome cafeteria which keeps us fed and healthy. 42 also offers 600 free accommodation spaces to students. Even then, some students form group houses nearby the campus and can find affordable living arrangements.


The 42 Cantina serves lunch and dinner Monday to Friday, and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Our cafe with coffee and danish pastries is open in the mornings for those who would like some breakfast. We accommodate various food diets, including vegetarian. The 42 Cantina, is always striving for quality meals, that is why we opt for organic produce, local and antibiotic-free dairy, and we source our meats from California, Oregon, and Washington, when available. Our breads and rolls come from a bakery in San Francisco and we’ve started composting too. Salad dressings, sauces, and soups are made from scratch, and we also boast a small cafe that serves homemade baked goods for $1. Meals are not free but are sold at cost to students.



42 Dorms

42 has a limited number of free spaces in our dorms for up to 600 students. You must apply to receive a dorm space: once you have subscribed to an Intensive Basic Training session (piscine) or once you have subscribed to a start date, you can apply for a dorm through the dorms site. Dorms are shared with other students and are not individual dorms.

Students who have not received a confirmation email that they have a dorm will not be given accommodation. If you have not received a dorm, please do not turn up to the program without an arranged living situation. 42 does not give out dorm spaces ad hoc or on the spot.

Free dorm spaces are available for students registered for piscines and for students starting the 42 Program.

Dorm acceptance emails are released starting two months before a program or session begins. Applications take about 5-7 days to process.

Living Costs

So how do you survive out here in the Bay Area where gas prices are higher than most places in the nation, real estate is crazy, and food isn’t cheap? Well, the good news is Fremont is cheaper than other parts of the Bay Area. Also, hundreds of students are surviving just fine, so if they can do it, so can you. “Economize” is their best piece of advice.

Students also get part-time jobs such as doing freelance work, driving for Uber or Lyft (or even Uber Eats), working retail, or in their respective areas of expertise.