Diversity in Every Sense

42 is perhaps one of the most diverse tech communities in America. We are not only diverse demographically, but we are diverse in culture, background, experiences, learning styles and needs, and more.


We all know women in tech is the big topic. From data culled in October 2016, 20% of 42’s students are female, which for the tech industry, is doing quite well.


We don’t ask for any demographical information during our admissions process: it’s entirely based on merit. Students come from a wide range of ethnicities, and we’re continuing to focus on reaching all people groups in the Bay Area – spread the word with us!


With candidates from over a hundred different countries, there’s no shortage of culture at 42. What’s great is that students learn to work in multicultural environments in America, and are exposed to new ways of thinking and doing that bring creativity to their work.


We are a grand mix of backgrounds at 42: chefs, business majors, plumbers, recent high school graduates, designers, mechanical engineers, economists, and more. The large variety brings different ways of thinking and approaching problems, which helps students learn creativity from one another.


Given our program design and its flexibility, students with all sorts of learning needs and styles are part of 42. Some are geniuses who were bored with the time limits of traditional education systems; some have what traditional classrooms saw as behavioural problems, but at 42, the flexible learning environment means students can thrive instead of fight imposed structures.