Celebrating the 3rd Year Anniversary of 42 Silicon Valley

Celebrating the 3rd Year Anniversary of 42 Silicon Valley

September marks the third anniversary of the first cadet cohort at 42 Silicon Valley! Of course, we celebrated together as a community. Last Thursday, September 12th, around 25 alumni gathered at The Presidio in San Francisco to celebrate three years. On Monday, September 16th, our very own events coordinator, Rene Ramirez, made his grandmother’s carnitas recipe in the Cantina and Chef Kat made a cake for everyone to enjoy.

How to Thrive as a Cadet: Advice from 42 Silicon Valley Alumni

This week we have a new batch of cadets starting the 42 Silicon Valley program. We asked our alumni what words of advice or encouragement they have for the 70 cadets that are just starting out. This is what they had to say to the newest members of our community:

“Don’t worry when you have an off day. Everyone has good and bad days. Progress is progress.”

“Don’t trust rumors, have fun, make some friends, don’t quit, do your best.”

“Stick to a schedule that includes time to relax. Use curiosity as fuel. Recognize this is a marathon, not a sprint and what you’re doing is building a foundation. Take the time to solidify your understanding. Learn Spacemacs with vim key bindings! Do all the rushes when it comes up. Never pass up an opportunity to learn. And just keep swimming.”

“Take the peer to peer experience at 42 very seriously because it carries over to work very strongly. I read and review other people’s code a lot and it’s important to develop that skill from the beginning.”

“I would advise not to forget why they are there and what they want. If you want something really bad, you will work hard towards it and will stay motivated. Also, it’s hard in the beginning to find one thing they like, but they will reach their goals faster if they concentrate on one thing at a time.”

“Know your goal when you join, make your plan and stick to it… And eat the cake a bite at a time, don’t expect to eat it all in one bite (meaning that the best job might not be your first one, but the experience is more valuable).”

“Every roadblock you come across is temporary by nature. No matter how difficult a problem is or how clueless you feel, those things will eventually pass. Given the amount of time 42 students spend working every day, you’re bound to get your ‘Aha!’ moment sooner or later. Whatever big difficulty that’s in front of you is no different from the last one, the one from a month ago, or even your first major ‘WTF’ from the piscine. You got over those hurdles in the past, you’ll certainly get over the one right in front of you now.”

“I think it’s useful to seek collaboration, keep learning from your peers and deepen understanding of what you like doing and what inspires you. 42 has an amazing community of different, interesting, and motivated people, it’d be a shame to not utilize its superpowers to boost your own progress in learning and understanding. So keep asking questions and brainstorming. And contributing back to the community is a good way to make more friends, practice public speaking and learn more in-depth. All of that will be useful later as questions about engineering best practices and philosophy will start popping up.”

Reflecting on the Past and Looking Towards the Future

These past three years have been full of piscines, hackathons, student projects, corporate, community, and educational partnerships and recognitions. We also have hosted events like Women in Tech Week, Alumni Dev Panels, and even a Red Bull Escape Room. As we reflect on the past, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Interested in joining the 42 community? Check out our piscine and start dates for 2020:

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published by admin – September 17, 2019