Propose a Project

We encourage companies and organizations that are interested in partnering with 42 in our creation and development to contact us ( to set up a joint project. We are a university whose goal is to train IT developers in 3 years for positions within digital companies, which are becoming increasingly in-demand in the tech sector throughout the world. We seek ways to benefit from a sharing of the wealth of knowledge and experience by those who are involved in the programming fields within their companies; a project with/at 42 is a means of reaching the goal of broadening our students’ networks and technical know-how while also allowing companies to make a strong and enduring connection.

A simple way to reach out to our students is to propose a conference subject to them. More than just businesses, we are looking for innovative and exotic subjects that will excite our students, provide them with feedback, or share with them a vision of industry trends. We also host meetups on future technologies. Previous participants at 42’s Paris campus have included Google, Facebook, Amazon, Docker, NASA, and Scality.

Students and staff as well as individuals from neighboring companies and organizations are invited to bring some of their ideas face-to-face with our student’s innovative capacities during our hackathons and rushes. Join a hackathon or a rush hosted at 42. Recently, we have hosted hackathons with companies such as HSHacks, TinoHacks, BaseHacks, SiliconHacks, CodeDay, and more.

Completely integrated into 42’s curriculum, students engage with real-world dilemmas and engage in coding and subsequently in its troubleshooting during their pedagogical projects. We welcome companies to meet with us and create long-term association projects which offer our students real technical challenges and areas for unique application of the skills sourced from our crack team of coders and developers. These projects are exclusively centered around computer programming and/or configuration. A couple examples of pedagogical projects from the past were the “installation and configuration” for Docker or “2 weeks to learn the basics of the ‘Go’ programming language.”

Outside participants can propose a wide array of workshops. These workshops, which focus on the personal development of our students outside the scope of programming, help equip them with social and communications skills, networking skills, and some of the tools necessary to obtain internships and/or employment possibilities. Past participants have led workshops on résumé creation/enhancement, interview simulations, seminars on how to make your network work for you, how to use social networks, etc.

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