42 is designed to bring the best people into the digital industry. We know our students, and we know their passions. Through a different type of pedagogy, one based on peer-to-peer learning, we prepare them to anticipate and respond to your company’s needs. This method builds on what Nicolas Sadirac and his team have developed for 20 years; a student’s knowledge is acquired through full-spectrum immersion by tackling large projects with highly variable levels of difficulty. In this adaptive environment, each student must show initiative, ingenuity and creativity to achieve his or her objectives.


After about 1 yearObligatory 4 to 6 month internship

Having completed the first third of their academic career, our students enter a period of professional integration. Internships allow them to take a step back from their academic career and put their talents into practice in a company.

After about 2 yearsAn optional part-time internship

Having completed two-thirds of their academic career, our students are encouraged to encounter a position in the corporate world once again. If they elect to do so, their participation allows them to enrich their professional experience; these internships allow them to build professional networks and discover new opportunities while continuing their studies.

At the end of their academic careerObligatory 6 month internship

A gateway to the job market, this internship is offered at the end of the student’s academic career. Students are encouraged to show initiative and courage in order to apply what they have learned.

To submit an internship offer, please visit our corporate relations website Please note, internship periods depend on the progress of each individual student and can take a few months to fill based on the available profiles.