Become a Salesforce Developer or Salesforce Admin

About the program

By 2022, the Salesforce ecosystem will create 3.3 million jobs worldwide. A significant percentage of those jobs require candidates know how to code and have experience with Salesforce. As Trailhead reports, the average Salesforce developer salary is $125,000 in the US and the ecosystem added over 10,000 jobs in the last 12 months. For a Salesforce Admin, it’s $95,000 and the ecosystem added over 4,500 jobs in the last year.

42 is working with folks in the Salesforce ecosystem, from K12 to employers, to address the need for training Salesforce candidates who know how to code. Salesforce has a massive platform called Trailhead that enables people to learn Salesforce, and 42 has an industry-leading program to learn to code. We’re adding projects to our curriculum to address Salesforce implementations and migrations so that candidates are workplace ready.

Program goals


We want to increase diversity in the tech field by providing access to education and access to opportunities to transition to the workforce. Salesforce and a lot of companies in the Salesforce ecosystem are committed to increasing the diversity of their workforce.

Access to Education and Work

42 is creating real pathways to the workforce that don’t cost a fortune and that don’t last 4 years. Our programs are free: we’re making education accessible, and with our Salesforce-related projects, students can gain experience and transfer into the Salesforce job ecosystem.

Reducing the Skills Gap

42’s talked with Salesforce and employers in the Salesforce ecosystem to find out what gaps in skills they have for hiring Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developers. They want people who know how to code, have soft skills, and have implementation experience. So that’s what you do here at 42.


Those interested in joining 42 to learn to code and to gain project experience need to complete the admissions process, be admitted to 42, sign up for a start date and begin the 42 program. Once you reach level 10, you’ll start gaining access to projects related to Salesforce.

Once you’ve got some project work under you’re belt, students should start applying for jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem. We also encourage them to connect with companies familiar with 42 through presentations and job fairs on campus.


Peer-to-peer learning

There are no classes and no professors: at 42, students are the ones in charge of their learning and that of their classmates. Students learn and work in groups, giving and receiving information on projects, problems, and solutions.


Progress gamification

Academic progress at 42 uses experience points and levels, inspired by video games. Students gain points for completed projects which then unlocks the next project(s); each successive project is increasingly more substantial and more highly-rewarded. This gamification mindset makes fun, while enhancing students’ passion, persistence, and motivation to get to the next level.


Learn at your pace

Each student advances at his or her own pace. Some concepts are instinctively easier to develop, while others will require additional effort. Students aren’t restricted to progressing at the same rhythm as their peers as would be the case in a traditional classroom.



42 does not offer Salesforce training. Salesforce training is available through Trailhead. Students at 42 learn how to code and how to handle project implementations and migrations. We take a real-world approach to learning and like to simulate real-life Salesforce situations so that students gain experience that employers value.

Salesforce training is available though and we encourage those local to 42 to reach out to JobTrain who offers free Salesforce training.

Our program is open to all ages 18 and above.

Students are not required to live on campus though they are welcome to apply for accommodation (which is free). Students not living on campus can progress as quickly or as slowly as they wish with the curriculum, which means that students can work part-time or full-time and learn to code when it works for them. Our school is open 24/7 365.


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Next Steps

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