We change the world in collaboration. We’re an open community and firm believers in working together to positively impact lives and communities. We’re proud and supportive of the wider 42 family and partner community and what we’re doing together.

Partnering and collaboration are key to changing the world we live in and to having a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally. Fitting with the 21st-century style of work, we pair up with all sorts of players and stakeholders to develop programs, training, recruitment, opportunities, and pathways to the workforce.

We’re always on the look out for win-win opportunities and what’s important to us is finding how we can mutually benefit and help one another. We’re looking to build the future, together, knowing we’re in a digital world and that knowing how to learn, knowing youreslf, is key to the workforce and economy of tomorrow.


We’re already a diverse community, but we’re continually committed to changing diversity in the tech industry and providing real pthways to the workforce for all students, no matter their background. We work with kay partners and players to bring develop and celebrate diversity in our community.

Opportunities and Hiring

People need to know about the education options available to them – not just seniors or students, but anyone who would consider a career that involves technical knowledge. Creating real pathways to the workforce is central to student success, so 42 partners with schools, organizations, and companies to create programs, recruitment, and pathways into the workforce that support education access, skill development, and pipelines to tech careers.

Professional Development

Many companies invest in professional development for their employees. We work with companies to develop programs to help people learn to code – from lawyers to delivery drivers to engineers needing AI expertise.

Our Official Partners:



Sigfox Foundation

49ers EDU

The 42 Extended Family


42 partners with companies for diversity-focused recruitment programs, student stipends and supporting living expenses, student and intern recruitment, and professional development for employees. Some companies have asked for their entire software engineer department to be trained in Artificial Intelligence; others have trained their entire legal department in how to code in order to automate, become more efficient, and gain skills relevant to our digital world.

K12 Schools

We partner with K12 schools for to share 42 with students, provide our HackHighSchol coding curriculum for free, host hackathons, welcome students for tours, and host events to promote K12 STEM.


As a non-profit, we like to partner with other non-profits whose mission and work aligns well with what we’re doing. Be it coding, workforce development, education, the future of the economy and wokplace, we’re interested in working with key players to build the future together.

Coding Organizations

Given who we are and what we do, it makes sense for us to partner with coding organizations such as Women Who Code or the Hidden Genius Project so that together we can create more coders who love coding. Many organizations focus on younger ages or lower level curriculum and partner with 42 to serve their students who want to pursue coding as a career.

Higher Education

42 works with various higher education institutions for innovation, entrepreneurship, and training good coders. With a diverse population, we like to combine students from a mixture of background to help build creativity, problem-solving, and diversity of thought to question the status quo.

Startups, Incubators, and Accelerators

Startups need ideas, creativity, and most likely, engineers. Incubators and accelerators need projects and companies. 42 students tend to be entrepreneurial in spirit and some either create their own products/companies or look to work at a startup. It’s a great fit in so many ways…..

Counted in the Extended Family:



Google Developer Group


EDF Electricite de France Innovation Lab

The Hidden Genius Project


Peer 150

Fusion Schools

LinkedIn REACH Program



All Turtles

Stanford Biosciences Department


Alameda County Library system

Axiad IDS


French American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco

Startup Grind

Startup Village

Women Who Code


Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

Building U






The Den

City of Fremont

Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance

East Bay EDA


Students Rising Above


California State Parks

City of Newark

Interested in Partnering?

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