Recruit with Confidence: where to find software developers

As an employer, you want to have confidence in who you’re recruiting and what your talent pipeline looks like based on your needs. As the most rigorous programming and engineering program in the country where students learn true real-world skills, companies love recruiting out of 42 both in Silicon Valley and in Paris.
Further, our students are ready at all times throughout the year for internships: since we don’t have an “academic calendar,” recruit engineers and interns when it best suits your company, not just the summer time!


Habituated to an Engineer’s Life

Our students already spend 8 hours a day coding real projects in a professional environment because that’s how our curriculum is designed. They know and love the life of a programmer and software engineer, because that’s what they do all day long.

Habituated to Group Work

Our students have to work on projects in groups as part of the curriculum – a large part of the curriculum, not just a one-off project here and there. They have to learn how to work in a team, how to communicate effectively, how to manage their time, how to advance projects, how to handle disagreements and resolve conflicts. They’re ready to slide right into your teams. We make them work in groups because you make them work on teams.

Passionate & Creative

Our students love what they do, and they wouldn’t progress to higher levels if they didn’t love what they do because the rigor of our program is so intense. Further, we give them projects, and they have to figure out what the problem and major issues at hand are, then creatively problem solve. Collectively, they figure out multiple solutions to the same problem, and with peer-to-peer correction built into the program, they learn creativity through others.

Confidence in Competency

Unlike other universities, colleges, or programs, 42 uses a mastery-based approach to instruction. Students must master a project and skill before they can move onto the next level: firstly, they need to have learned and mastered the skills associated with each project, and secondly, software needs to function 100% of the time. Autopilot cannot work 95% of the time. Thus when you hire a 42 student, you have confidence in what competencies they actually have, because they can’t progress to successive levels without gaining skills.

Autonomous Problem Solvers

Our students have to learn time management and self-management if they want to succeed at 42. We don’t give them a set schedule, so they have to learn self-discipline and motivation to get up and complete their work. This translates very well to the workplace.


Our students come from diverse backgrounds, a breadth of industries, and a collection of cultures. Drawing talent from all over the world as well as locally, 42 Silicon Valley is perhaps one of the most diverse tech communities in the country. Not only does this contribute to company diversity for you, but our students bring a creativity and way of thinking that fosters innovation and problem-solving.

Year-round Recruiting

Since we don’t have classes or courses, we don’t follow an academic calendar, meaning our students are ready for internships and employment on an ongoing, year-round basis. Recruit according to your business needs instead of waiting for the traditional summer or fall intern or hiring as students graduate in May and June.

International Talent

With campuses in both Silicon Valley and Paris, companies can recruit from both, pulling the best engineering talent that suits their needs. Additionally, due to our locations, we attract a lot of international students, meaning recruitment need not be limited to jobs in America.

42 is designed to bring the best people into the digital industry. We know our students and we know their passions. Through a different type of instruction and program design based on peer-to-peer learning, we prepare them to anticipate and respond to your company’s needs. This method builds on what Nicolas Sadirac and his team have developed for 20 years; a student’s knowledge is acquired through full-spectrum immersion by tackling large projects with highly variable levels of difficulty. In this adaptive environment, each student must show initiative, ingenuity and creativity to achieve his or her objectives.

    • Overall, 42 students have attained more than 5,000 offers for internships since 42’s inception in 2013. Data culled in December of 2016 from those students participating in internships revealed:
  • 94% of the internship placement mentors from participating companies stated that they would recommend one of our students for employment.
  • 97% of these mentors had a good or excellent impression of the participating interns from 42.
  • 94% of these student interns met or exceeded the overall goals for employment.

Recruiting Options

Recruit Interns

Students must complete at least one internship as part of the 42 program.

Recruit Engineers & Developers

Recruit more advanced students who have specialised in areas such as AI, web, security, networks, etc.


After about 1 year
Obligatory 4 to 6 month internship

Having completed the first third of their academic career, our students enter a period of professional integration. Internships allow them to take a step back from their academic career and put their talents into practice in a company.

After about 2 Years
An optional part-time internship

Having completed two-thirds of their academic career, our students are encouraged to encounter a position in the corporate world once again. If they elect to do so, their participation allows them to enrich their professional experience; these internships allow them to build professional networks and discover new opportunities while continuing their studies.

At the End of Their Academic Career
Obligatory 6 month internship

A gateway to the job market, this internship is available at the end of the student’s academic career. Students are encouraged to show initiative and courage in order to apply what they have learned.

Recruit Engineers & Developers

There are two major ways to recruit our students as full-time or part-time employees: post your openings on our companies page and/or attend one of our career fairs. Connect with our Corporate Relations Manager for more information or to schedule a visit to 42 before you begin recruiting.

Post Internships and Jobs

To submit an internship offer, please visit our corporate relations website Please note, internship periods depend on the progress of each individual student and can take a few months to fill based on the available profiles.