If I’m not American and I do not have a green card, can I
come to 42?

42 does not give a student visa. International students are
more than welcome to join 42, provided that they are able to secure their visas on their own.

I am not between the ages of 18 and 30. Can I come to

No. While we do not have anything against those who are over
30 years old, when opening a new location, we have decided to
concentrate our where they can be the most efficient and where we have a great deal of experience.

I live far away from Fremont. Am I obligated to come to the
42 campus to study in person?

The “check-ins” are completed on-line and the “piscine” and the 3-5 year program, on the other hand, must be completed in person at the Fremont campus. Please note: the check-in is not an interview.

Does 42 deliver a bachelor’s degree or another type of

There is no degree given at the end of 42. Our program is
based on levels of experience that you earn with a project. We
deliver a certificate of completion at the end of our program. The experience
and skills that you acquire while studying at 42 are essential
for technical job interviews, and the university has a strong reputation and connections to industry.

Does the school offer dining options?

A cafeteria is located in the 42’s “Nostromo” Residence Hall. They serve 3 meals a day to students for a low price.

Does 42 have dormitories for the students?

We have approximately 300 spaces in “Nostromo” Residence Hall available for students. They are free-of-cost, but they are reserved for those who need them the most. After your check-in you will be able to register for a “piscine“. At that point, you will need to request a room. Requests must be received before starting the Piscine. After you register for a specific Piscine date, you will receive credentials that can be used to log on to our dorms website to request a room. You must provide proof of U.S. residency or a Visa as part of the application for a dorm room.
*Note: Students are not required to live on campus. In fact, we encourage students to live locally and commute to 42 at a time convenient for them.

If I successfully pass the “piscine”, when does the school
year start?

The school uses rolling admissions. To seek the latest information regarding the school start dates, follow us regularly on Twitter and/or Facebook. You will be informed by email before school begins; don’t panic.

Will the school offer any on-line courses?

No. We believe that our system works better if you are
physically present to interact with other students. We call it
peer-learning. But if you really want to learn on your own
there are many on-line options!

Why is 42 called 42?

Hint, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

What types of jobs could 42 students eventually apply

Students who have participated in the 42 program can apply
to any job in the field of digital technology.

What kind of courses does 42 offer?

There are no courses and no professors at 42. Students are
actively learning by completing a variety of projects.

What are 42’s eligibility ‘tests’?

They are mini-games that individuals will complete online at
42.us.org. Their goal is to assess your procedural logic, which
is essential to IT developers. Your grades do not reflect this
ability. This is why 42 does not require any diploma from

Do I have to know how to code to join 42?

No. You are all equal at the beginning of the “piscine”. It is
not necessary to have any knowledge in programming to join and
succeed at 42.

How do I know if I have been admitted to 42 after the

After completing the online tests, and the “piscine”, you will
be informed of your admissions status by email within 15

How many places are available each year?

Every year, around 3,000 candidates are selected to
participate in the “piscine”. After this step, students
who have successfully passed the piscine can enroll at 42 and
start their studies.

How can 42 be tuition-free?

42 is free thanks to the financial support of Xavier Niel, a
French entrepreneur and the founder of the telecommunications
company “Free” in France.

If I have other obligations during the program, can I still
participate in the “piscine”?

Small appointments are not a problem, however commitments that
will take up a majority of your day will be very difficult to accommodate.
If you cannot commit to a full 4 weeks at this time, you can
always register for a “piscine” at a later date.

During the “piscine”, can we live in the dorms?

A limited number of dormitory spaces are available for students during the “piscine”, for those who need them most. Please note however, that students who have dormitory rooms during the “piscine” must leave the dormitories once the “piscine” is over while waiting for the school year to begin regardless of whether or not they have been accepted to 42.

After the piscine, how many hours should I expect to come to the campus?

It’s up to you to organize yourself and your schedule. But you should expect to spend a majority of your week at the school.

If I have an opportunity to pause from the school, hypothetically for 6 months, after the beginning of the year, and I can go to work, am I allowed to leave?

Yes, of course! If you have an amazing opportunity, we would be happy for you if you are able to do that! Because we are a tuition-free university, we have no financial obligation to keep you here on campus to earn more money. But you don’t necessarily have to leave 42. At the end of the first year, you have to go on an internship of 4 to 6 months to get real world experience; so something like that would fit in perfectly with our curriculum.

What are some of the differences between 42 and a coding bootcamp?

1.We are free-of-charge 2.The length of the program 3.We are entirely about computer programming. We do not focus on specific languages, on web or mobile; we teach you how to code. We don’t want you to copy and paste functions that you found on internet. We want you to understand what you are typing and what exactly you are doing. We focus on depth of knowledge.

What kind of job prospects should I expect after 42?

Students in Paris work in numerous domains, for instance, such as telecommunications or in an airline company and in all kind of technology companies and organizations requiring technical services. Some of them are in big name companies like Amazon (01/07/2017), IBM (01/15/2017) or Uber (02/27/2017). You can start your own start-up or join one. You can do pretty much anything you want related to coding after 42.

What are the “piscine” selection criteria?

We do not give out our exact selection criteria. However, we do look to see who is working hard at the university, who is progressing, who has given up. It is not about who can finish all of the exercises the quickest, but who is determined to keep moving forward.

How many students are you selecting each year?

We have 1024 work stations for the time being, but we want the best. That could be less than the number of work stations that we have or more, it all depends on how many students we see who are able to adapt to our particular pedagogy and work hard.

Do we have to sign some kind of contract at the beginning of the school, where you are going to ask us for money in 5 years?

No. 42 is free-of-charge before, during and after you study here. There are no hidden tuition fees.

Does 42 stake an Intellectual Property rights claim for any code that I produce while in the training facility?

No. 42 grants to all of its students the right of full-ownership for all code created within the Paris or Silicon Valley training facilities during project work (as well as any and all code written for side projects); whether this code had been developed before or after starting the program, the code’s creator will always maintain full-ownership.

Do you need math or technical experience to join 42? Will you propose some courses during the year?

You do not need any previous math or technical experience to join us.

Besides mentioning the website, if I wanted to share some great information about 42, is there anything else I could give to someone to spread the word about this amazing tuition-free coder training program?

Yes, please be sure to visit our media page where one can print out a copy of the brochure and/or booklet.

Do you have some advice for the piscine?

Sleep well, eat healthy foods and work hard. Good luck!