Earn an Internship As a FileMaker Developer

How The Program Works

FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, and 42 Silicon Valley have teamed up to create the first accessible program for software engineering that provides a living stipend for students and a real pathway into the workforce as a FileMaker developer.

Students train as software engineers at 42 Silicon Valley, complete FileMaker training, and can then apply to internships with FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partners. FileMaker has an extensive network of over 1500 FBA partners around the world. Internships are paid and last for six months.


FileMaker and 42 Silicon Valley have three main goals in mind with this program:


We want to increase diversity in the tech field, and while 42 is already making a big dent, offering defined pathways to the workforce with FileMaker business partners makes our education even more worthwhile.

Access to Education and Work

42 programs are free, and we offer free accommodation as well, but with FileMaker, together we’re offering a small stipend to help with living expenses as well as paid 6-month internships with FBA partners.

Reducing the Skills Gap

42’s educational structure and program design is made for the 21st century. The way learning happens at 42 is reflective of the real-world workplace, meaning students can transition seamlessly to the workforce and contribute immediately.

What You’ll Learn

To become a FileMaker developer through our program, you’ll need to complete levels 1-7 out of 21 followed by one month of FileMaker training. During levels 1-7, students will learn to code from the ground up and will gain a fundamental understanding of software engineering. Topics covered include data structures, algorithms, software architecture, front-end web (javascript), back-end web, web server administration, object-oriented programming, virtual machines, popular API, and low and high-level programming languages. Students learn to work in groups and how to manage projects. After completing level 7, students then spend a month training on the FileMaker platform, becoming familiar with the software and how to customize it.


Students start by attending our Piscine, which is part of the 42 admissions process. It lasts 28 days. After going through it, students select a Start Date and begin the 42 curriculum, completing one level per month for the first six months (there are 21 levels total). In months 6-7, students will continue to do one level per month of the 42 curriculum and will also receive a small stipend. After completing level 7, students begin one month of FileMaker training and will attend interviews with FBA partners. At the end of the FileMaker training, students can start as paid software engineering interns with their respective FBA partner.

Peer-to-peer learning

There are no classes and no professors: at 42, students are the ones in charge of their learning and that of their classmates. Students learn and work in groups, giving and receiving information on projects, problems, and solutions.


Progress gamification

Academic progress at 42 uses experience points and levels, inspired by video games. Students gain points for completed projects which then unlocks the next project(s); each successive project is increasingly more substantial and more highly-rewarded. This gamification mindset makes fun, while enhancing students’ passion, persistence, and motivation to get to the next level.


Learn at your pace

Each student advances at his or her own pace. Some concepts are instinctively easier to develop, while others will require additional effort. Students aren’t restricted to progressing at the same rhythm as their peers as would be the case in a traditional classroom.


About 42

42 Silicon Valley is a computer programming and software engineering school in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer one of the nation’s best programs in software engineering and are proud recipients of the WISE award for education.

Our programs our free and we offer free accommodation because we believe education should be accessible. Admissions at 42 is based on merit and doesn’t follow the traditional college application process. Students must be between 14 and 30 years old to attend.

We ran a pilot of our program with FileMaker – hear what Alina and Joe have to say about their experiences with becoming a FileMaker developer.

About FileMaker

The FileMaker Platform allows you to create and deploy custom apps that quickly solve unique problems – even as they change. Unlike other platforms, FileMaker apps work across mobile, cloud, and on-premise environments to help business teams eliminate inefficient processes and scattered information.Custom apps are in demand and mobile devices have changed how businesses work. Teams are demanding apps that work across all their devices and internal IT organizations can’t deliver fast enough. Learn how to excel your developer career as a FileMaker developer to help businesses create and deploy the custom apps they need.


We use a unique admissions process that’s based on merit. We don’t ask for test scores, references, or GPAs. You have to complete two tests and survive the Piscine.

The Piscine

The Piscine is a 28-day immersive coding experience. No previous coding knowledge necessary. It’s like being thrown in the deep end: it’s sink or swim. Every day you get coding challenges and your goal is to survive.

Start as a 42 student

Select a start date (we have 4-5 per year) and begin following the 42 curriculum. We have 21 levels in total which get progressively harder. Complete the first 5 levels (which takes about 5 months).

Complete one level per month

When you get to level 6, you can apply to the program to start receive stipends. You commit to completing one level per month until you complete level 7, upon which you will complete one month of FileMaker training. Finally, you can interview with FBA partners for an internship.

How to Apply

1. Create Account

Go to admissions.42.us.org and create an account. This is your admissions account at 42.

2. Take Tests And Attend “Check-In”

Once you’ve created an account, you have to complete two shorts tests (about 2 hrs total). If you pass, you then need to attend a “check-in” which is a tour and meet-and-greet with staff and current students. You can complete the check-in virtually.

3. Survive Basic Training

One you’ve attended a check-in, you can sign up for an Intensive Basic Training session, the final step in our admissions process. It’s 28 days of coding challenges: it’s immersive, on-campus, and an intense learning experience.

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