H2S Celebrates New Milestones

H2S Celebrates New Milestones

HackHighSchool (H2S) is a computer programming and coding program for high school students at the 42 Silicon Valley campus in Fremont, CA. It is run by Code for fun using curriculum and tools from 42 to teach a variety of topics. Students can also opt to prepare for the AP Computer Science Principles exam. 42 Silicon Valley cadets serve as mentors to help guide the high school students through solving problems and assist them with setting up and accomplishing their goals. 

Digital literacy is so important for today’s world. However, H2S is not just about learning to code: it’s about learning real-world skills with peer-to-peer learning and code review that helps them learn to analyze and explain code. Our goal is to help transform teenagers into confident programmers and provide mentorship roles to 42 Silicon Valley students. 

Code for fun and 42 Silicon Valley are now in our third year of running this impactful program together. We are excited about the opportunities that H2S creates for students and we look forward to another successful year.  We sat down with Kai Drumm and Jem Cope to learn more about what we can expect in the future. 

Announcements from H2S

Kai Drumm, HackHighSchool’s Academic Program Coordinator, is leaving and Jem Cope will be taking on the role. Sangita Nath remains as Program Director after the birth of her second child, Swarnim Pramanik, in April.

Now there is tuition for HackHighSchool, but income-based scholarships are available to make it more affordable or free. Code for fun memberships are also available with benefits like discounts on programs/classes and priority for classes with limited seats.

We’ve shortened the time per afternoon so that the students can focus better without the lunch interruption. Additionally, there will be a build your own PC class available in the Spring semester.

A Farewell from Kai Drumm: HackHighSchool’s Academic Program Coordinator

I’m so grateful to everyone who has attended and volunteered for the H2S program over the last two years. We have had so much fun and I’m continually impressed with the quality of work coming from our students. Fremont is full of talent! I am glad to say that we have provided a place for local students to come together as a computer science community. You guys inspire the adult 42 students more than you’ll ever know – Please keep up the awesome work.

I have learned a lot from putting the pieces of this project together and iterating to improve it, semester after semester. We have processes in place now for mentor training, group formation, project creation, and student showcases that will help HackHighSchool continue to expand in the future. 

For better or for worse, one thing that H2S must do to continue to the future is to charge a tuition fee for our programs here. This is to pay for the salaries of the program staff who keep it organized and running all year. I hope that you will consider it worthwhile, and continue to provide the team with feedback on your experience here. There is real value in having the community model of peer-to-peer learning; we are here to forge connections between students and provide an audience that motivates your individual work. 

My direction now is to take some time as a full-time 42 student and transition into a data science career with a focus on natural language processing. Since this will be somewhat of a solo endeavor, I’d be happy to hear from you. 🙂 Whether it be to give and receive help and advice, keep in touch.



A Message From Jem Cope: HackHighSchool’s Incoming Academic Program Coordinator

Hello everyone! 

I’m very excited to be spending more time working on H2S this year. Although I’ve been working with H2S since February as the Assistant Director, this new role will give me the chance to further impact the program in many ways.

I’ve been coding for 7 years now and I think it’s a great way to unleash creativity and practice critical thinking. It’s exciting to be able to pass on this skillset to young adults — I think it’s one of the best ways to prepare them for their future. Computers reach into every field, and the skills learned here can help them succeed anywhere. Diligence, analytical skills, explaining complex topics in a concise way, and setting goals will never be obsolete.

I look forward to meeting the parents and students this year! See you at H2S!
– Jem 

Introducing An Updated Curriculum 

HS2 Curriculum

Jem: There’s always room to improve, and we’re taking the feedback from last year into account for many things. I’d like to talk about a few major things I’m focusing on right now though. 

For the coming year, I want to put emphasis on better training for our mentors– so they feel prepared and more supported as they guide the students through the curriculum. They’ll be doing a training workshop and receive more day-to-day guidance with more structure and preparation. 

Many of the students and mentors expressed an interest in more web development. I aim to use my web development background and love for games to further expand the web curriculum in a fun way. 

Kai: We want to put more emphasis on creative projects that the students can show off in their portfolio, and the curriculum will continue to move towards that goal. 

Jem: I also am continuing my work to set up the necessary organization to help HackHighSchool eventually expand outside of 42. Over the summer we published our curriculum online on Github. I’d like to create more documentation to support clubs that want to start. I also want to continue to improve the process around creating that curriculum. Not only will this make the program available to more students,  but it will also get more feedback so we can improve faster. Everyone wins. 

Program Details

Saturdays 1:00pm-4:00pm

Fall Semester:  Sept 14, 2019 – Dec 14, 2019     

Spring Semester: Jan 11, 2020 – May 23, 2020

Want to register? Head over to www.codeforfun.com/h2s to sign up!

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published by admin – September 5, 2019