Hour of Code: Computer Science Education Week @ 42


Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week

42 hosted an Hour of Code event on Monday, December 3rd. Hour of Code is a global initiative that takes place during Computer Science Education Week, which this year is scheduled from December 3rd to the 9th. Computer Science Education Week is an annual event to honor Grace Hopper. Hopper was a renowned computer scientist, who was born December 9th.

Before we tell you more about the Hour of Code event that 42 Silicon Valley hosted, you really need to learn more about the amazing woman who inspired this initiative. Grace Hopper was a Navy veteran, associate professor and is known as “ the first lady of software.” After earning a Ph.D. in mathematics, Hopper reported for duty at the U.S. Navy’s Bureau of Ordnance Computation Project at Harvard University in 1944.”

After Harvard, Hopper joined the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation. According to the Computer History Museum, “There, she developed one of the world’s first compilers and compiler-based programming languages.  In 1959, Hopper played an important role in defining a new easy-to-use programming language. The result was COBOL, probably the most successful programming language for business applications in history.” Grace Hopper will forever be known as a great pioneer in programming history. She has inspired many people to avoid following the mantra “it’s always been done that way. ” She is the perfect person to honor during Computer Science Education Week!

Hour of Code @ 42: Create A Trivia Game 

Hour of Code has over 400 partners and 200,000 educators who participate in over 180 countries. Anyone can organize an Hour of Code event, and the one-hour tutorials are available in over 45 languages. You don’t need any prior experience. Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science. The overall goal is to make programming more accessible. Over 100 million students have participated.  50% of the students who have tried Hour of Code are female. This is almost twice a much as the number of women who work in tech which hovers around 26%. 42 was excited to host another Hour of Code event this year. Making coding education more accessible is at the heart of our core values.

42 Silicon Valley hosted an Hour of Code event that challenged students to code a trivia game. Students got to choose the topic and level of complexity in any programming language of their choice. The projects were evaluated through a peer correction process at the end. Some students created a command line program where you can create trivia games, play against each other, and input your own questions. Another group created a game where you see a Pokemon and you have to guess which Pokemon it is. And there was a web app game where you can play trivia based on the popular tv show “The Office.”  

Josh Trujillo, Events Coordinator at 42 Silicon Valley developed the trivia game exercises. He shared, “Hour of Code is a great way to expose people to code. It also gives them a chance to improve their abilities. It was a good opportunity to show that you can create something in as little as an hour.”

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published by admin – December 4, 2018