In Solidarity with the Black Community

After some silent reflection, we wanted to share our thoughts on the current events occurring throughout the nation and the world.

We stand in solidarity with the black community against the ongoing racial violence, discrimination, bigotry, and injustice.

We are deeply saddened and in mourning over the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless others who have fallen victim to police brutality and systemic racism. We are outraged by yet another wave of hate crimes, and the failure of our institutions to take action, hold criminals accountable, and protect black people and minorities. We fully recognize this is a global issue, and as global citizens we have to speak up and acknowledge that these injustices must end now. 

As an educational institution, we are grounded on creating opportunities for students of all backgrounds, and promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity to the highest order. We have taken pride in empowering and promoting the success of our students and their desires to change the world through technology, entrepreneurship, collaboration and true grit. We realize that we have a great deal to do to improve our world, and continue to improve access to education, and economic opportunities for all minorities. 

We would like to encourage everyone to support organizations who are fighting for the rights of black people and minorities in this nation. 

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Black Lives Matter Chapters

Center for Policing Equity

Ways You Can Help Now

We will continue to listen, and develop plans and initiatives to support all of our students to succeed. We are here for you, our community.

In solidarity and unity,
42 Silicon Valley Leadership & Staff

published by admin – June 5, 2020