Disruptive Innovation: Disrupting Engineering education and tech talent pipelines

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Here at 42, we boast an innovative and disruptive educational model and are proud to be the new home of engineering talent for the digital industry in America. With endorsements from many of Silicon Valley’s tech leaders, we’re always looking for new ways to connect, keep our curriculum in tune with industry needs, and provide challenging opportunities for our students.

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Innovative program design

We’re unlike any other program: no teachers, courses or classes. We don’t charge tuition and we have two admissions requirements. Truly, we’ve turned the higher education model upside down.

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Open opportunities for advancement

With $0 tuition, no fees, free dorms, and no required purchases for academic success, we aim to remove all barriers to quality education. We want to provide education to those who can’t afford it at traditional institutions.

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Why 42 ?

Find out what sets the 42 program apart from other degrees, programs, or bootcamps.

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Our mission

More than just disrupting education, we believe that the opportunity for quality education should be open to young people regardless of their background, schooling, or demographics.