Opportunity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that the opportunity for quality education should be open to all and that a student’s background, grades, and socio-economic status should not hinder them from learning. As such, there is no tuition at 42. There are no fees, and for those students who are not local, we also have free dorms (spaces are limited, applications required).

No tuition? No fees? Free dorms?


We welcome all learning styles

There is no doubt that every school and college has students who do not fit the mold, who struggle with rigid structures, and who do not suit traditional educational systems. That doesn’t mean that learning isn’t for them or that they aren’t smart. Here at 42, a huge number of students struggled with traditional education structures for various reasons and here they thrive. Some of the brightest and most talented developers at 42 didn’t suit traditional higher education. Who knows, maybe the next Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates will come from 42! Knowing our students, we wouldn’t be surprised.

A totally different admissions process

We’ve designed our admissions process in such a way that if you want the opportunity to attend 42, you’re accepted based on merit. We don’t care what background you’re from, what your grades are, how you did in high school or college, none of it. If you’re motivated or didn’t like the traditional education structure, then try 42.

We have two admissions requirements: students must be 18+ years old, and students must complete the Piscine to be eligible to become a student at the full 42 program.

Education shouldn’t be limited by finances

Research has proven that access to financial markets is a function of socio-economic background, income, and educational attainment of family. This means that a student’s access to finances for student loans, and thus their access to quality education, is a function of things outside their control. Is it fair? We don’t think so.

$1.16 Trillion

According to the New York Federal Reserve, student loan debt rose to $1.16 trillion at the end of the year 2014.

40 Million

Americans with loan ~$30,000


college graduates who’ve had to take out a loan

What a staggering burden the cost of education has become to our country. Knock on effects include changes to credit ratings, delays to purchases such as your own home, and delays to starting families. 42 believes this shouldn’t be the case, so we don’t charge tuition.

Data sources: New York Federal Reserve, US Department of Education, Forbes magazine.


42 wants to make education and pathways to the workforce accessible, so we don’t charge tuition. The average computer science degree tuition is $163,000, and the amount of debt students rack up just to get opportunities for job interviews is unacceptable. We dig some digging into student debt, national averages, and why 42 is free.

9 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Bootcamp vs 42

Prospective students often ask us whether they should attend a bootcamp or come to 42. The costs are different, program lengths are different, and learning outcomes are certainly different. Ultimately, it depends on what you want to do: if you need surface-level, high-language training, then you can get that from a bootcamp. If you want to be a good software engineer, you should come to 42.