ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:You are between 18-30 years of age

With the successful completion of the admission’s tests, the age parameters for participation (18 – 30 years) are 42’s sole requirements thus far. For the 2016 recruitment sessions, we ask that our candidates be between the ages of 18 and 30 by the final day of the piscine date they select.

We advise all candidates who have recently turned 18 who are either in their junior or senior year of high school, to continue pursuing their high school diploma rather than leaving high school to come to 42. Although 42 does recruit some students without their high school diploma, it is neither our intention nor our mission to encourage young students to drop out of school.


Your admission to 42 starts on our website at admissions.42.us.org. First step: register yourself by providing us with your email address and a cell phone number to validate your account. Next step: follow the procedures on a PC (hopefully one which has all of the most recent updates).

You will then be confronted with memory and logic tests in order to be certain that you have the capabilities to join us at our coding facility in Fremont (in the San Francisco Bay Area).


Once you have validated the online tests which can sometimes take several days and been offered a position you will have to come to our 42 site in Fremont to check-in.

The check-in is a vital step which cannot be handed down to another person. You must complete the check-in before being able to select your “Piscine,” regardless of your individual situation. The check-in dates are indicated on your on-line application space; new slots are added throughout the year. You are welcome to choose either the on-line or the in-person check-in options.

Please note: There is only one exception to this case: if you attend at least one of our “get-togethers and/or workshops” throughout the course of the year, you will be exempted from a check-in. The dates for our “get-togethers and workshops” are listed on 42’s website in addition to being posted on our social media sites.

It Is Free

There are no tuition requirements.

If you are a parent, and you have questions, do not hesitate to
contact us by email at parents@42.us.org