Software Engineer Internship & Employment

Get your hands dirty with a taste of the real-world.

To aid in the process of making a seamless integration into the professional world, throughout their education, 42 students will have numerous opportunities to gain real-world experience.

They are encouraged (and required) to participate in internships during two key intermediary periods of their academic career: at the end of the first third as well as at the end of the final third of the learning experience. Furthermore, 42’s service of corporate relations organizes events throughout the year such as: get-togethers, hackathons, conferences, etc. in order to help guide students in finding internships. Lastly, there is no geographical restrictions when it comes to internships: they can take place in France, the USA or anywhere in the world.

In addition to the required internship periods, the work that they perform on company projects provides them with multiple opportunities to implement their acquired knowledge in a workplace environment. Growing out of these internships and company projects, where their overall technical levels are broadened in ways that studies alone cannot always ensure, students begin to form and expand their professional networks.



Obligatory 4 to 6-month internship

Having completed the first third of their academic career, a period of professional integration allows our students to take a step back from their studies and to put their talents into practice within a company.

Optional Part-time

An optional part-time internship

Having completed two-thirds of their academic career, students are encouraged to develop their career once again by enriching their professional experience and discovering new job opportunities while continuing their studies.

Final Internship

6-month internship

A gateway to the job market, this internship is offered at the end of the student’s academic career. Students are encouraged to show initiative and courage in order to apply what they have learned by bringing their knowledge and skills into the world.


At 42, we host internships/career fairs as well as networking events to help connect students with employers. We also love hosting presentations and projects with Bay Area companies to share ideas and get an insight into real-world projects and challenges. These help students to build their network. However, it is up to students to find jobs – 42 does not place students into jobs. In keeping with our academic approach, we help to facilitate connections, but we want students to learn how to network and go through applications and technical interviews.

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