Job Opportunities and Careers

The 42 program is designed for those who wish to pursue a career as a software engineer, developer, programmer, or coder, however, students also become entrepreneurs, CTOs, UI/UX designers, web designers, and more. Some combine their previous background with their engineering skills.

42 connects with companies in the Bay Area, from S&P 500 companies to local startups. We encourage our students to connect with companies to help them network in addition to gain employment through internships.

Connecting with Companies

Required Internship

The 42 program requires students to complete at least one 3-6 month internship, and we encourage students to complete two with the goal of the final internship serving as a connection to a job offer. Internships are a great way for students to get hands-on experience but to also connect with potential future employers.


We connect with companies in the Bay Area and beyond to conduct projects, similar to case studies or competitions at business school. Companies can present a topic, challenge, or need, and students interested can participate in the project. These are in addition to the curriculum.

Guest Speakers

Here at 42, we love hosting guest speakers on a broad range of topics related to the technology industry. From open source to artificial intelligence to bitcoin, blockchain, and women in tech, we connect with a range of presenters in industry in the Bay Area. With students interested in roles as software engineers, developers, and product managers, we strive to invite a variety of speakers for students to connect with.

Finding Internships

As fitting with our learning philosophy, we want our students to learn not just about programming, but also about how the job market works. To that end, we do not place students or guarantee internships but instead push students to be resourceful and find internships. We provide an intranet with real-time job and internship postings from companies interested in hiring, and we host internship/career fairs, but we strongly encourage students to pursue internships at companies and in areas of their interest.