Specializations and Concentrations

The 42 program is designed to be flexible and allows students to pursue particular areas of interest within our curriculum. As the tech industry changes, so do the outer branches and focuses of what we offer.

Major areas of specialization include the following:

Adaptation & Creativity

Students learn their own unique problem solving skills through innovation and experimental approaches to imaginative challenges.

Algorithms & AI

Students take command of their programs with calculations and rules to perform a diverse number of solved and unsolved problems.

Company experience

Knowledge from technical jobs and internships is brought back to the curriculum by students and shared to further 42.

DB & Data

Storing and analysis of data and its application in the foundations and future of technology.

Functional Programming

Math and programming meet join to create functions for advanced computation


Light up pixels and use mathematics to create simulations, visualizations and games.

Group and Interpersonal

Work with others to solve problems bigger than one person. Meet you new friends and co-founders as you solve complex multifaceted projects

Imperative programming

Discover the paradigm of statements and the how behind your programs.

Network & System Administration

Build connect and maintain systems across hardware, software and more.

Object Oriented Programming

Discover abstraction and programing with actions and data.


Gather yours and others ideas and create manageable environments for the future.

Parallel Computing

Combine the power of networking with programming to process large sets of data and reach into a world of massive connective computing power.


Focus on the details and make sure the work you produce is flawless and stable for the future.


Combine programming paradigms in a dynamic, reflective language combining information learned in functional and imperative programing. Along with objects and many more facets.


Defend your systems and computer with techniques to insure the safety of your servers, data and users.

Technology Integration

Students create new solutions to existing problems by taking technology and applying it.


Students learn about the operating system behind the majority of servers in production today.


Students create sites, applications and new experiences as well as recreate existing platforms to better understand them