Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Qualifier Venue at 42 Silicon Valley

Red Bull Escape Room @ 42

42 Silicon had a Red Bull Escape Room in the middle of our lab earlier this week. Qualifiers for the championship are taking place in over 20 countries around the world. 42 Silicon Valley and UC Irvine were selected to be qualifying venues for the Red Bull Escape Room. They were the only two locations for the qualifiers in the entire United States. Red Bull set up an awesome inflatable escape room in our lab. And student competitors were motivated by a chance to score some free Red Bull! 

Each team consisted of 4 people and they had 20 minutes to complete the escape room challenge. 42 students are always ready for a fun challenge and working in a team. That is exactly what the Red Bull Escape Room delivers. There were 31 teams from the 42 student community that participated. Tomas’ Super Team, which consisted of 42 students Tomas Diaz, Reed Jocic, Junho Lee, and Charles Gleason scored the highest at 42’s qualifiers. They completed the escape room in 13 minutes, 28 seconds and 741 milliseconds.

More about Red Bull Mind Gamers

Red Bull Mind Gamers is a global nerve center that hosts mental challenges that flex the mind’s problem-solving abilities. You can access this hub at After you get a taste of what to expect, you can participate in one of the Red Bull Mind Gamers competitive tournaments. This includes the Escape Room World Championship. This way, you can see how your skills stack against others and have fun in the process.

Red Bull doesn’t just host an Escape Room World Championship, they also have the Rubik’s Cube Speed Solving Challenge. These timed competitions can bring out your ability to work under pressure. We all know that teamwork involves a lot of communication. So it goes without saying you’ll need to brush up on those skills as well.  Participating in a Red Bull Mind Gamers tournament is a great way to see if you have the analytical and “soft skills” to become a great computer programmer someday.

The Ultimate Escape Room: “Omni’s Escape”

Although we can’t tell you what happens inside that tent (what happens in the Escape Room stays in the Escape Room) Red Bull recently interviewed Dr. Scott Nicholson who was responsible for designing the “Omni’s Escape” Red Bull Escape Room for the upcoming 2019 World Championship. According to Dr. Nicholson, escape rooms aren’t just about solving puzzles, it is also about teamwork and diversity of thought.

Since 42 depends on a peer-to-peer learning structure, having a diverse community of students working to solve problems in a team atmosphere is a big reason why we love the idea of the Red Bull Escape Room. We’re happy to have been chosen to be a qualifying venue for such an exciting initiative.

The Red Bull Escape Room World Finals

In order to compete in the Red Bull Escape Room World Final, teams of four participants have to compete in a qualifier venue like the one at 42 Silicon Valley. The qualifier venues were held in more than 25 countries this year, from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Each country will send the team that completed the Red Bull Escape Room in the fastest time to compete in the World Finals.

These finalists will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with “Omni’s Escape” which has never been revealed to the public before. This will be a totally new escape room experience. According to Dr. Nicholson, “This escape room was inspired by hacking concepts, designed to challenge the participants in six problem-solving skills: creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy. Communication is critical, and speed is of the essence.” The Red Bull Escape Room World Finals is taking place in London in March 2019. We can’t wait to see which team will represent the United States!


published by admin – December 6, 2018