Samsung Bixby Voice AI Developer Hackathon Session @ 42 Silicon Valley

Samsung Bixby Developer Sessions Held their First Event at 42 Silicon Valley

Samsung Bixby Developer Sessions are on tour and held their first event at 42 this past Saturday, May 18th. 42 Silicon Valley is the only school Samsung Bixby is partnering with for their developer sessions. As an innovative school with a strong community of developers, we are thrilled that Samsung Bixby is creating internship opportunities for 42 Silicon Valley students to join a new developer ecosystem.

John Alioto, Chief Evangelist at Viv Labs/Samsung led the Bixby Developer session. This session allowed our students to put their knowledge and developer skills to the test. With our peer-to-peer learning model, 42 students were ready to put their heads together to get over any technical hurdles. Samsung and Viv Labs employees were on hand to mentor Voice AI developer skills and knowledge. Our students were able to gain intimate training to add Voice AI experience to their knowledge base. First and foremost, the session was about having fun and focusing on the learning experience.

Modev, a company that organizes communities and events, organized the session. We spoke with Modev’s founder Pete Erickson who shared, “42 is a fitting place for us to kick off the Samsung premier developer program. The students who are here are focused on innovating in new and creative ways through code and the Bixby platform is a leap forward for developers to build the next generation of voice-enabled interfaces.”

From 42 Students to Samsung Interns

This past April, 42 Silicon Valley hosted a week-long hackathon with Samsung Bixby which you can read more about here. The broad goal for the hackathon was for students to develop Bixby Capsules for the Bixby platforms. A total of eight teams presented their Bixby Projects and four students were selected for internships at Samsung. Justin, Jamie, Julia, and Malik shared with us their experience with Samsung Bixby and their excitement surrounding their upcoming internships:

Left to Right: Malik, Justin, Jamie, and Julia ready to start their Samsung internships
Justin Crisp

“The Bixby platform is unlike anything I have used before. How it is structured and how you learn, it has a steep learning curve. But once you get it, it is very interesting, it is very cool. The day that I start at Samsung as an intern, it will become more real. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to compete and to interview. I want to continue to do my best.”

Jamie Dawson

“My first impression of Bixby was that I was happy they had premade capsules you could download and work on. It gives you an idea of what you can do and grow from, and it was a good starter project. I am really happy to do this internship because the first off-campus event I did with 42 was at a Samsung conference. Several off-campus events at Samsung made me learn quickly that it is a company that I really want to work for. It made me feel really good to get an internship at Samsung. I had the pleasure of meeting some of my future teammates and all of them have been fantastic and helpful. I am excited to work for them because the team really cares about making and promoting good products.”

Julia Deineha

“In my opinion, the Bixby Developer Session is a great opportunity for developers to learn more about the Bixby platform. As an incoming Samsung intern, I had a great time developing my own capsule during the event as well as helping other cadets to create theirs. I am excited to become a part of the Bixby team and cannot wait to start my internship.”

Malik Jean

“Saturday’s hackathon was nice and it was neat working on another Bixby capsule and presenting it. The talks/demos were well put together, and the catering was premium. Overall I think it was a successful event. As the internship goes I lack information on what to expect, but hey it’s Samsung so it’s cool.”

Samsung Bixby and 42 Silicon Valley: Leveling the Playing Field

42 turns the traditional educational model upside down and provides industry-leading college-level education for free. We embody the American dream by offering top quality education and the opportunity for social mobility. Creating accessible pathways for developers is a value that we share with Samsung Bixby. David Oh runs the Bixby programs at Samsung. He shared, “We believe in 42’s mission of leveling the playing field and bringing the power back to people who want a good education and to get into the tech field. Bixby is also leveling the playing field for developers to co-prosper with Samsung’s new AI assistant technology and it’s new Marketplace when it’s available.”

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published by admin – May 21, 2019