Samsung Developer Program Workshop @ 42

Samsung Developer Program Workshop @ 42: Developing Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

Last week a team from the Samsung Developer Program hosted another awesome workshop at 42’s campus. Students got a chance to develop Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps and were treated to lunch, raffles, lots of laughter and a whole lot of fun. Several 42 students have participated in more than one workshop since the Samsung Developer Program started offering them to our student community in June. 

Charlotte Allen, Senior Manager of Developer Marketing Programs at Samsung Electronics America shared their mission, “Drive awareness and opportunity about Samsung Technology and introduce students to Samsung. We’re here at 42 so students can create mobile apps, and we want them to realize that they can do amazing things and at the same time make money. We want to inspire students to take what they are passionate about and pair it with technology.”

42 Students Exercise their App Making Skills

Two members of the 42 community, who participated in the latest Samsung Developer Program workshop, shared their experiences:

Meo, 27: “The first two workshops were very design oriented and a lot of it is click and drop, a lot of it was designing the face of the Samsung Galaxy watch and also the theme of the Samsung phones themselves. While I enjoy design, it was not particularly as programming intensive as I anticipated it would be. A lot of it was drag and drop and uploading files onto the application. Instead of being on the backend, we were more on the user side of the application, so it was very front-end heavy. The feedback at that time, for a programming school, was that design is some of our forefronts but not the basis of the school. When they came back with this one, it was very different, very engaging, there were raffles to make sure we were paying attention and asked more questions. With developing a Samsung Galaxy watch app, we had to use a bit of Javascript, installing and using the Tyzan Studio. And we did a bit of code with HTML, CSS and Javascript. There was a design challenge in the first two challenges, this time it was developing a pedometer application (step tracking). It was a nice introduction to Javascript. I think this definitely encourages me to want to learn Javascript better since most of my experience is with C. I hope they come back, I’d love to see how this developer program plays out because there has been tremendous growth and I highly anticipate when they come back.”

Andy, 30: “This was my first time at a Samsung workshop. I thought overall it was a pretty good experience and the presenters explained all the materials line by line and were great at answering any questions, I thought they were very helpful. I like the prizes and the way they get people to participate. A little while before this I started to learn how to do Android apps and Android Studio and I had this to compare to, and this was easier because you are designing with a specific hardware, a watch with a circular template. With android you have to consider a lot of cases and make a layout that will adjust to any hardware you may run into. This is simpler because you know it is running on a watch, so I was able to avoid some of the difficulties I found in Android Studio. I am still not good with Android Studio, so far we didn’t have that problem with this workshop and I am glad I participated in it.”

To learn more about the Samsung Developer Program please visit their website.



published by Stacey Faucett – August 27, 2018