Coding Camp at 42: Spring Break with HackHighSchool

Coding Camp at 42: Spring Break with HackHighSchool

42 Silicon Valley’s HackHighSchool hosted a free coding camp from April 2nd-6th for students between 13-18 years old during their spring break. Our mission is to make coding and programming accessible to regional students, which is why our program is completely free. This year, we hosted 24 students from diverse backgrounds who were eager to learn coding and other digital skills. 42’s project-oriented, hands-on, peer-to-peer learning structure helps students to learn in a way that is creative and impactful.

42’s HackHighSchool Spring Break Coding Camp participants


We sat down with the kids and asked them a few questions:

What did you do at 42?

We coded, we played games, and we had fun this week. We are designing a tower and writing down the instructions. Then we pretend we are the robots and are following the instructions and can’t talk. The goal is to build the tallest tower and make it the same as before…we are learning about replication.

What did you like about it?  

It’s fun, it’s interactive and freedom-orientated. You can do what you want, but you need to stay on topic and focus on coding. For some of us, it was our first time doing python this week.

What are your future goals and/or dream job?

Some of the goals include: creating a simple game, wanting to pursue a job that involves coding, and deciding between doing something in computer science or engineering.

Would you recommend your friends participate in programs like this?

The kids unanimously said, “YES, for sure!” One of the students said,  “It’s a fun way to learn, 90% of my friends do the opposite of what coding is supposed to do.”

HackHighSchool students checking out 42’s smart mirror, known as Marvin’s Mirror, that was created by a team of 42 students.

How would you summarize your experience this week?

“It was fun and challenging and very interactive.” -Anwika P.

“This week was fun, challenging and difficult, but at the same time really interesting.” -Surarchita S.

“It was not very excruciatingly challenging but it was okay, and it was fun.” -Manikanta M.

“It was an amazing, interactive learning experience.” -Krutang T.

“The mentors are great!” -Sunanditha V.

“It was challenging but when you get it, it is okay and it was very fun.”-Jonas Y.

“I managed to learn a few things, so it was nice.” -Briana R.

“It was really hard, I got to learn some new things, but it was fun because we got to work in a team.” -Anya S.

Participants trying out VR Game Conversion: Artificial Dawn, which was created by a team of 42 students.


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published by admin – April 6, 2018