Teresa Huynh

AGE: 28
HOMETOWN: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
INTERESTS: hiking, yoga, being active mostly, coding as well, volunteering, just doing something!

What did you do before 42?

I majored in Japanese and minored in German and I have translation certificate from my university. Then I was teaching in Japan for three years. I was teaching English to students from ages three to eighteen. Then I came to 42 two months ago to learn coding.

Why did you choose to join 42?

Technology is becoming very big and it’s easier to find a job in the current world. So I just wanted to code. It seems to fit me; it is a logical and reasonable thing and I think that works for me.

Did you know how to code before coming here?

Just a little bit. I took CS50 online and I did a bit of some CodeAcademy courses.

Did you like the intensive basic training?

Yes, it was really fun. The first day I remember it was very busy and everyone was learning how to use Git. It was great meeting everyone and new people and making a lot of long-term relationships.

What do you like about 42 academics?

What I like the best about it is that it’s free. The peer learning is great. It is not as much pressure to learn. If you have a question, you can just go find someone to ask it and it is a very comfortable atmosphere.

What are the best parts of learning at 42?

The best part is the peer learning. Again, you are learning on your own time and if you have questions, you can just ask anyone around you to teach you. You’re learning together and you’re not pressured by someone who is too good or too busy for you.

Who are your sources of support at 42?

The students and the staff mostly. If I have any problems, I can go to the “bocal.” But any questions I have with assignment and things, I just ask any of the students.

Describe 42 community. What do you like about it and why?

The 42 community is comfortable. The staff and the students feel as if they are a family. There is no hierarchy, it doesn’t feel like there is. The staff is the staff and the students are the students. Everyone is trying their best to make everyone comfortable and feel like a family here.

What activities are you involved in in 42?

At the moment none. I do intend to join some of the clubs eventually when I start being better at coding and can relax with my assignments.

What is your dream job or your long-term career goals?

Honestly, I haven’t thought too much about that. But working as a software engineer at one of the bigger companies would definitely be my dream job right now. At the moment, I am still learning so I am just wondering what kind of path is best for me. I haven’t decided. I would really be good if I can develop an app or something where I can apply my languages skills too.

What is your most inspiring education quote?

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”

Conrad Hall