Top 21 Tips for Surviving the Piscine

21 Tips for Surviving the 42 Piscine

In case you missed it, the piscine is intense. People love it, people hate it, people call it life-changing. It’s not just about learning to code, it’s about you: you are the project for those 28 days. It’s about learning, being challenged, determination, grit, and not giving up. And after all of the “delights” of the piscine, you will be part of our tight-knit 42 community. So we asked some current 42 students who survived to give you some tips!

1. “Time management is key to keeping your head above the water.”

2. “A good amount of sleep, eating regular meals and a little exercise will go a long way.”

3. “Don’t drown yourself in the work. Take what you can from each day and keep swimming.”

4. “Peer to peer learning is the greatest strength of 42. Chances are there is someone who already knows quite a bit or just learned faster than you.”

5. “Ask your peers for help… Not just the people sitting next to you. Don’t be afraid to venture across the lab to find your answers from fellow pisciners!”

6. “Don’t give up, learn from your failures.”

7. “Always work on the current day of the piscine, even if you don’t understand everything you need to move on and gain a broader view.”

8. “Get daily exercise through simple ways like pushups and squats in the lab. You can stay active without going to the gym.”

9. “When you are working on your group projects at 10 pm you will want protein bars so you can get through to your deadline at 11:42 pm without low blood sugar clouding your mind.”

10. “Showering, ‘cause then you’ll make more friends.”

11. “Try to get information from a reputable source and avoid accidentally being misinformed by rumors.”

12. “Find ways to limit your spending so you can get through. Don’t get disillusioned by free tuition, and free room and board because you still need some money for food and other necessities.”  

13. “Make sure you have a balance, you need to know when to help others and when to help yourself. Learn to say no.”

14. “Remember to take care of yourself, take care of your personal hygiene so you don’t end up with a cavity…Marvin doesn’t like it when humans complain about cavities.”

15. “Working alone you can go further, working together you go deeper.”

16. “Get outside your bubble, meet new people and say hello.”

17. “Honey catches more flies, being nice to people will get you further.”

18. “It is easy to copy and paste code that has already been written, but you learn best by writing code yourself.”

19. “Go into the piscine with an open mind, especially since it is such a different learning experience.”

20. “Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Even if you come in knowing no code you can still do just as well as someone who already knows how to code.”

21. “I heard the Chief Academic Officer likes plants for correction points.”


Oh, and make sure you bring headphones.


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published by admin – May 8, 2018