“Thanks for bringing us together” was one of the responses we received when we were organizing this ladies-only potluck at 42. Creating an event to bring together the female students was something that had always been on my mind since my admission into the school. There used to be monthly women-only outings, but in light of more advanced students trying to make certain school deadlines, outings were put on-hold and, instead, the focus landed more on school projects and activities. As time passed, that focus remained unchanged, but the desire to organize a women-only networking event grew. With every two months, more and more students enroll into 42 and, with that, comes female students who aren’t aware of the strong female community that we have. We do have a private slack channel dedicated to sharing women’s hackathons and other off-campus social events, but there is a still a feeling of solitude when you can’t put a face behind someone’s user id.

With that mindset and the consideration that some students might not want to be apart from their computers for too long, my friend and I proposed the idea of an on-campus potluck and barbeque. Upon receiving positive feedback, interest, and many offers to help and bring food, I felt emboldened by the community to continue forth with planning. Together, we were able to have the potluck successfully. We hope to organize more events like this as the community continues to grow.

published by Kim Alvarez – July 3, 2017