Women in Tech Law at Berkeley Law @ 42 Silicon Valley

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WiTL @ 42 SV

On Friday, March 8th, 42 Silicon Valley hosted around 50 students from Women in Tech Law (WiTL) at Berkeley Law for a workshop and speed consulting sessions. WiTL is a student-led organization that strives to recruit, support and empower women who are interested in pursuing technology law through providing outreach, mentorship, and educational resources. White & Case LLP sponsored the event. 42 Silicon Valley is proud to have a partnership with WiTL and had a great time hosting our first event together.  

The Intersection of Law and Technology

We kicked off the event with a presentation from Gaetan Juvin, Chief Academic Officer of 42 SV. He commented on the intersection of law and tech, “Coding is an important part of the digital world and law is the structure of society. Both of them should work together to build a better future.” Afterward, the WiTL students split into groups of 3-5 and with 1-2 42 students to work on a programming puzzle game that teaches logic and basic programming fundamentals. That was followed by 42 students sharing the current projects they were working on with WiTL students. The event ended with a reception at the patio so students from 42 and WiTL could have an opportunity to network further.

More about Women in Tech Law at Berkeley Law

WiTL aspires to use outreach as a medium to not only encourage women to enter the field but to also expand the presence of women in the field by providing awareness to the opportunities and potential that tech law can hold for women from both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds. WiTL seeks to use mentorship and other platforms to increase members’ accessibility into tech law, in an attempt to break the glass ceiling of the technology industry. Ultimately, WiTL strives to empower women interested to excel and improve in the realm of law and technology.


published by Stacey Faucett – March 13, 2019