Women in Tech: The Past, Present and Future

Gender Diversity in Tech

There are a lot of ways in which women have contributed to tech throughout history. Despite those contributions, 76% of tech jobs are still held by men.

In a recent article in Wired, it was revealed that the number of women in computer science has been declining, “Today, however, computer science is one of the few STEM fields in which the number of women has been steadily decreasing since the ’80s. In the tech industry, women hold only around one-fifth of technical roles.” Those are sobering statistics for employment in tech. But young women in underprivileged communities in rural and urban areas have access to a new AP computer science exam that has doubled the number of people taking the exam, “Ten years ago, only 18 percent of computer science exam takers were women. This year that figure rose to 27 percent.”

According to the AnitaBorg.org, there is a tech talent pipeline of women in computing who are just as educated as their male counterparts. They come from a wide array of pathways and different degree programs. Despite this, women leave tech companies at twice the rate of men. Creating gender diversity in the tech industry matters because “The debate has shifted from fairness to increasing evidence that gender diversity improves organizational performance and competitiveness.Diverse thoughts lead to more innovation. At 42 we hope to foster an environment where women can thrive while learning to code.

Women Programmers and Tech Visionaries throughout History

We highlighted a few of the many women who have come before us and strengthened pathways in the tech field:

Women in Tech Week @ 42

dark-matter dark-matter

42 recently hosted a Women in Tech Week. Women in the field came to campus and shared what it is like to be a woman in tech.  To learn more about the great insights that our visiting speakers and panel of women from Tesla provided, please visit our recap here.


published by admin – September 18, 2018