Zenko and Scality Host Hackathon at 42 Silicon Valley With 11 Teams Competing

Scality, a leader in cloud and object storage, hosted a Zenko hackathon at 42 Silicon Valley in mid-August. 11 teams competed and had to come up with creative modules, solutions, and code using Zenko, an open-source, multi-cloud controller.

What is Zenko?

Zenko is a data controller platform that is open source and lets you leverage any public or private cloud. Zenko enables you to control your data and where it is stored. It’s managed using the AWS toolset but stores data on any supported private cloud storage or in the public cloud. Companies tend to use more than one location to store data, be that in the cloud or locally in their own data centers. This can present the challenge of moving data or having data interact with other data in a different cloud. Simply put, Zenko addresses this problem. For more on Zenko, visit the Zenko site.

Scality engineers and 42 students paired up

While teams of 1-4 (yes there was a one-man team) competed in the hackathon, Scality engineers, including Founder and CTO Giorgio Rengi and Director of Research Vianney Rancurel, helped hackathon teams over the course of a week as they developed their respective projects.

What did the teams build?

Team NA built a Mongo DB connector. Learn more about the team and their incredibly diverse background here.

Team Big D(ata), i.e. Zack Smith, built a log to make it easier to manage large amounts of streaming data. More on his project here.

Jeff-Tech Team built a Zenko stack into IPFS, a new file system (and no one on their team is called Jeff). This project would enable another avenue for Zenko’s multi-cloud power.

Making Storage Majic built a smart payment platform for paying for data storage. The system uses the contracts feature from Ethereum to process pay-as-you-grow data storage payments from a user’s wallet. More on them here.

Zendockers built a graphical user interface to better illustrate data from storage usage to make data more easy to understand and thus more useful.

Zero Four Zero build a connector to IPFS to decentralize data storage.

Zensational Metadata built a generator to auto-tag graphics files. Using artificial intelligence to determine what the image is, the application applies a meaningful tag based on what it determines.

Team Video built an automated video transcoder using Zenko Backbeat and HandBreak, an open-source video transcoder.

Team ft_gcp built a client that allows S3 to interface with Google. This would enable users to send data to the Google cloud then manage it through Zenko and S3.

Los Billanos bilt a graphical user interface for UTAPI.

Zenko++ built a connection for data movement with Zenko and Google via an Amazon Web Services S3 interface.

Zenko Hackathon Winners

Judged by a rigorous panel including 42’s Chief Academic Officer Gaetan Juvin and Scality CTO Giorgio, Director of Research Vianney, and Director of Software Engineering Shivani Pradhan, teams presented their projects. First place went to Team ft_gcp, second place went to Jeff-Tech, and third place went to Team Video.

published by Kim Alvarez – August 26, 2017